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Shuffle Master Shows Profit Increase

Posted on September 11, 2009 by Jack Potts There have been 0 comments

iDeal Shuffle Master

It was expected that gaming revenues would take a hit in 2009, just like everything else in the recession. The consumer confidence is reportedly on the increase this September, which gives optimism for the gaming economy. One gaming related company that is showing signs of life during this recession is Shuffle Master.

Shuffle Master offers gaming related products, which include automatic card shufflers, roulette chip sorters and intelligent table system modules, Proprietary Table Games which include live table game tournaments, Electronic Table Systems which include electronic multi-player table game platforms, and Electronic Gaming Machines.

Boasting some impressive numbers in 2009, Shuffle Master’s net income increased 87% to $5.6 million from $3.0 million. The increase can be credited to reducing expenses during the challenging economy regional expansions, along with new deals in Asia, increased momentum in the shuffler replacement cycle and the i-Table.

Revenue of $45.1 million decreased by 9%, or $4.4 million, year-over-year from $49.5 million and was within 2%, or $1.0 million, when adjusted for the exchange effect of a stronger U.S. dollar. Total lease, royalty and service revenue was a Company record, up 4% year-over-year and 2% sequentially, and totaled $21.0 million, or 47% of total revenue.

Shuffle Master could capitalize on expansion opportunities in various US states seeking to add table games in the near future. Another step in the right direction for Shuffle Master is with the revolutionary i-Table. Set to launch this fall, the i-Table has six touch-screen player stations embedded in a standard size blackjack table. i-Shoe Auto intelligent card reading shoe for games like blackjack and baccarat, or the i-Deal specialty shuffler that includes card recognition. By automating the betting process, the i-Table increases live table game security, accuracy and speed, resulting in an estimated 30% increase in rounds per hour while eliminating the risk of errors.

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