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Bingo has been called in Las Vegas

Posted on September 21, 2009 by Jack Potts There have been 0 comments

bingo las vegas

Bingo may not be the fastest way to generate a win, but the jackpots are large considering the cost to play. The game of bingo does involve a lot of chance, but to increase odds of winning there is some strategy that can be applied. In all bingo halls there are different valued cards that have different prizes. As a rule the more expensive the bingo card is the larger a win. It’s always recommended to carefully read all the instructions about prize information to find the winning bingo pattern.

There are 20 bingo rooms in and around Las Vegas, and each offers different specials. Buy-ins generally starts at $4 to $5 and sessions are scheduled regularly throughout the day and night. During working days fewer people are in the bingo halls, but they still offer the same prizes, so that the chances of winning bingo will be automatically increased.

Arizona Charlie's, a popular locals' casino on the city's west side. Las Vegas’ only 24-hour bingo parlor is at Arizona Charlie’s Decatur. This offers some of the best bingo in the valley. The 9,500 square feet with 372-seat parlor offers special bingo sessions offered every odd hour throughout the day and night. There are also several packs during the late night hours with a second chance coverall. Every session has a Hotball, $1.00 Super Coverall $10,000 Jackpot, and a $1.00 Double Dab Coverall $25,000 Jackpot. Players can earn more on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with their $777 Bingo Cash Bonus. Arizona Charlie's Decatur Casino & Hotel is located at 740 S. Decatur Boulevard, Las Vegas.

Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa offers the newest and most impressive bingo room in Las Vegas. The main feature of the 610 seat Red Rock Bingo Room is the new jumbobingo progressive that is played as the first game of each session. The Jumbo Bingo Progressive now starts at $100,000 and progresses daily by a minimum of $400. A $25,000 bonus is paid out among everyone playing with their Boarding Pass when the Jumbo hits. 8 one hour sessions daily 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 9pm, & 11pm. Players can choose between smoking or non-smoking areas as they play with 204 seats in the smoking section and 406 seats No Smoking areas. Red Rock Casino Resort Spa is located at 11011 W. Charleston, Las Vegas.

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