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Best Tattoo Parlors Las Vegas

Posted on November 23, 2009 by Jordan There have been 0 comments


Getting a tattoo while in Las Vegas has become a real trendy appeal for visitors. Las Vegas attracts tattoo enthusiasts from all over who incorporate getting some ink done as part of their Vegas experience. Popularity in getting art done to ones body has soared in the past few year, which sparked many tattoo parlors opening up in Las Vegas. Below are some places that people can check out if they are looking to get a tattoo while in Las Vegas.

There are some great tattoo artists in Las Vegas, some local secrets, and others are well known celebrities. Some of the best tattoo artists are said to be here in Vegas located just off of the Strip. The Skin Factory is a great local place to get a tattoo, with owner and head tattoo artist of the shop Eddie Lin and his wife Vallee. Artistic flair is apparent in every corner of the studio, with murals on the walls and many photos of previous work done. Another place to get some ink done is by the popular Las Vegas tattoo artist Dirk Vermin is a local icon who currently leads the Pussykat Tattoo Parlor, which is known for quality work.

By far the most popular places to get a tattoo is at the places on the strip owned by big names. Often referred to as just tourist traps, the more common route of getting a tattoo in Vegas is either at motocross rider Carey Hart’s Hart and Huntington Tattoo Company at the Hard Rock or Motley Crue frontman’s Vince Neil Ink. Although being located on the Vegas Strip is very practical, these tattoo parlors will charge tourists a higher price as part of the Sin City experience.

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