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What to Tip in Vegas Casinos

Posted on December 10, 2009 by Jordan There have been 0 comments


When it comes to leaving a tip while gambling at the casino, it’s a tossup because not every player believes in giving back some of the money they just won. There are some people that tip because they think its part of the game and it will provide good karma for them down the road.  Others simple leave something extra for the dealer because they are feeling good after a win and want to share the love. Tipping is a very personal thing so it is recommended that people tip within their own comfort level and for those who don’t feel like tipping then don’t leave one, there’s nothing that say you have to.

The dealer is required to make sure players are having fun and enjoying themselves because if they are, they will more likely leave a tip even after a bad session. If dealer is being polite and trying to make sure you are having an enjoyable experience it is customary to leave them some sort of tip, even if it’s a just a simple ‘thanks!’. Although I am sure every dealer would much rather take any form of currency. It is human nature not to tip when losing money and it is understanding that people don’t feel too generous after their wallet takes a beating at the tables.

There are several ways you can tip a dealer. You can give the dealer a tip directly. This is usually done when you are leaving the table after a session of play. The most favorable way to tip the dealer is to make a bet for them, which usually the case for people at the table games. This just livens up the game a bit and if the dealer wins on that bet, they get a decent tip in return.

Playing video poker or slots and hit a jackpot with a hand pay, $10 or $20 is a very good tip for basically the slot person coming over checking the machine and paying you out. Playing the $1 VP games and hit a $4000 Royal Flush might be inclined to tip a bit more than other jackpots, but then again why should a tip be given out when receiving a hand pay for a winning hand in video poker.

Tipping when playing poker is a whole other story, playing a 2/4 limit game, and a player wins a pot and throws the dealer $4 or $5 dollars but when playing a larger 15/30 or 20/40 game, the players will only throw in a dollar or so for a tip. This is because the people playing at the smaller game are just there for fun and not doing it for a living, such as the 15/30 / 20/40 everyday player.

There are players who think tipping the dealers will have an effect on whether they win or lose because they believe it’s good karma. Most gamblers are superstitious so you can see why tipping has become the common thing to do while gambling in casinos.

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