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  • Getting Your "Drink On" in Vegas

    Posted on August 11, 2012 by Jack Potts


    Let’s be honest. You don’t come to Vegas unless you’re going to drink. Sure, the gambling is a big draw, but there are a lot of places to gamble. The shows are a great experience too every once in a while, and the clubs provide a great atmosphere, but the drinking is what helps to connect and magnify the fun that comes from doing all these activities to astronomical performances. The sentence started “so then we walked into a casino completely drunk out of our minds…” is sure to lead to a more memorable and exciting memory than “so we walked into a casino…” Drinks in Vegas are the main facilitator for all of the fun stories you and your friends will be telling for years.


    Having had extensive experience in Vegas myself I’ve talked to many different bartenders and cocktail waitresses hoping to get a list of what the best and most popular drinks are. On top of that, I’ve found prices for each and am including a few tips so that you can find out how to get your drinks even faster.


    The first thing that needs to be mentioned though is the basics about drinking in Vegas specifically. As with anywhere in the United States; the drinking age is 21 and up. Unlike some states (Minnesota in particular is known for this) there are no puritanical laws attempting to separate people from their beloved alcohol. Bars do not have last calls for service (unless they’re closing of course) and there are no odd rules about not being able to order alcohol in a specific location on a Sunday and no rules about one company manufacturing both beer and liquor. The list of odd alcohol laws goes on, but Vegas is privy to none of them. Once you turn 21, all the alcohol in the city is your oyster. You can even walk around in public holding a beer bottle, cup, or can and take swigs out of it constantly. Nobody will even look at you twice. However, public drunkenness is different. Common sense applies here. If you are completely plastered, don’t appear to be so in public in front of others, and definitely do not become belligerent with anyone. Also, do not carry open alcohol containers anywhere in your personal vehicle or in any public transportation vehicle. However, some limousines and taxis are exceptions to this rule as it is up to company policy at that point. Ask the driver if unsure.


    Drink Prices in Vegas


    Be aware that buying drinks in Vegas is going to set you back a pretty penny. Depending on where you make your order and what kind of drink you’re ordering, expect to pay anywhere between $7 and $18. After tip is factored in you can expect to pay anywhere between $10 and $20 for your drinks. Don’t bother complaining either. You’re being made aware in advance so that you aren’t surprised when your tab that you ran up for you and two other buddies amounts to more than $200. You were warned.


    Average Drink Pricing From Lowest to Highest

    Bottled Water - $6-$7
    Domestic Beer - $7
    Imported Beer - $8
    Mixed Shots - $9
    Mixed Drinks - $12
    Red Bull Drinks - $12-$14
    Complicated or Large Mixed Drinks - $14-$18


    How to Get the Bartender to Notice You

    The best plan for buying drinks is to find a sidebar. The bartender will notice you more readily and you will be able to get your drinks there more quickly. You don’t have to spend all your time next to this bar, just get up when you want, and come back when you need refills. Make sure to tip them well and constantly. You may even get a free one every once in a while if they like you enough.


    To start things off, just ask for a shot or two for each of your friends. It’s easy for the bartender and quicker for your party. Now as far as what kinds of shots to order, this is what this list is for. This is a list of the most commonly ordered shots in Vegas bars. Now you don’t have to order these, but their popularity must say something about how good they are:


    1) Washington Apple
    2) Patron
    3) Jagermeister / Jager Bomb
    4) Lemon Drop
    5) So-Co and Lime
    6) Kamikaze
    7) Wet Pussy
    8) Red Headed Slut


    As far as my personal recommendations I would ask for a B-52, a Scooby Snack, or a Pineapple Upside Down Cake. You really can’t go wrong with pineapple flavored mixed drinks in a Vegas bar.


    The Most Common Drinks Ordered:

    1) Vodka Cranberry
    2) Vodka Red Bull (Energy)
    3) Jack and Coke (Whiskey)
    4) Long Island / Long Beach
    5) Screwdriver (Vodka Orange Juice)
    6) Cosmopolitan (Vodka Martini)
    7) Vodka Tonic
    8) Rum and Coke
    9) Apple Martini
    10) White Russian
    11) Malibu Pineapple (Pineapple Flavored Rum)
    12) Sex on the Beach


    As for my personal recommendations on drinks, I’d shoot for an Incredible Hulk or an Adios Motherfucker.


    That covers the basics of drinking in Vegas and gives a list of some of the more highly requested drinks. Whatever you end up ordering, just make sure to have fun. And if you do happen to wake up with a major hangover, don’t fret. We have a guide for that too.

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