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  • Cash for Clunkers Debate Heats up In Las Vegas

    Posted on August 31, 2009 by Jack Potts

    Cash For Clunkers

    There is no doubt that the Cash for Clunkers program stimulated vehicle sales for local Las Vegas dealerships. It is said that across the U.S about 700,000 new vehicle sales from the Cash for Clunkers program, which is over now, but officially started on July 1, 2009. Cash for Clunkers is technically known as the Car Allowance Rebate System was a $3 billion U.S. federal program intended to provide incentives for people to purchase a new, more fuel efficient vehicle. The program was designed for environmental benefits of getting less fuel-efficient cars off the road. There are some who believe that the Cash for Clunkers plan was just a disguise for a clever economic stimulus program. Others debate that although this program gave a financial boost to the automobile industry it in fact did very little for the environment.

    Many Las Vegas residents took advantage of the opportunity to get more value from their old vehicles as a trade in than if they were to try and sell it on their own. The Cash for Clunkers program benefited local car owners because they were given the opportunity to trade in a less fuel efficient vehicle for a great price and in return drive away in a new vehicle.

    Benefits to the environment was said to be one of the major deciding vote for this program being approved in the first place. However, some local Las Vegas environmental influences argue that little, if any environmental improvement from the Cash for Clunkers program. The reality of this program is that there will be very few environmental rewards when it is all said and done. Cash for Clunkers will offset any environmental benefit because people generally will want to drive their newly purchased vehicle more than their old clunker.

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  • Golden Gate Casino Shrimp Cocktail Now 99 Cents Plus 1 Point

    Posted on August 30, 2009 by Jack Potts

    Golden Gate Original Shrimp Cocktail 99 cents

    The famous 99¢ Golden Gate Shrimp Cocktail rules have been changed to include a Players Club Membership with at least 1 point earned.  However, it only takes $1 dollar through a slot machine to earn 1 point.  You only need to earn 1 point to obtain unlimited 99¢ shrimp cocktails for life… or until they change the rules again.

    The Golden Gate started offering the “Original Shrimp Cocktail” back in 1959 for 50¢ at its San Francisco Shrimp Bar and Deli that has become a favorite for tourists and locals. 

    The shrimp cocktail is served in a regular sized sundae glass with small cold water salad shrimp and a dollop of cocktail sauce.   Unlike other casinos in Las Vegas that offer a 99¢ shrimp cocktail, they do not pad the cup with lettuce of other fillers.

    In 1991, the price was increased from 50¢ to 99¢.   In 2008, the price was increased from 99¢ to $1.99, but you could still get it for 99¢ if you showed your Players Card.  They also started using larger shrimp when the price increase took effect in 2009.

    It is reported that the Golden Gate sells a ton of shrimp each week in the tulip glasses. Prior to the $1.99 price increase, the casino lost $300,000 a year on shrimp cocktails.  The Players Club Membership requirement to get it for 99¢ resulted in a 40% increase in membership applications.  The new 1 point requirement should be beneficial to the casinos gaming win.

    Even with the new rules, this is one of the best deals in Las Vegas and definitely worth a stop at the Golden Gate Casino.

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  • 25 Cent 9/6 JOB Bar Top Video Poker Options in Las Vegas

    Posted on August 30, 2009 by Jack Potts

    playing video poker at the bar

    Sitting at a bar in a Las Vegas Casino and having a drink while playing some video poker, is an enjoyable time for many players.  The drinks are free with zippy service and the possibility of good hit is a good combination to entice anyone.   If you can find a video poker machine with a good pay table at the 25¢ level, it’s a great deal for low limit gamblers.

     As many regular video poker players know, you can tell the video poker machines payback by looking at the pay table.  One of the most common video poker games available with a good payback is 9/6 Jacks or Better (JOB) and it can be found in some bar top locations.  You can identify a 9/6 JOB machine by looking at what a full house and a flush pay in the 1 credit column of the pay table.  A full house pays 9 and a flush pays 6.  9/6 JOB has a payback percentage of 99.65% if you play correctly.

     The casinos in Las Vegas that offer 9/6 Jacks or Better at only 25¢ in bar tops are Gold Coast, Main Street Station, Skyline, Silverton and Rampart.  All places offer .1% cash back with a players’ card, except Skyline. 

     The Silverton machines also have a progressive royal flush and straight flush, so this is probably the best deal of them all. 

     Main Street Station is also a strong play with the free scratch cards they give you for every 4 of a kind that you hit.  The scratch cards win should average out to about $2 a card over the long run.

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  • Major Marijuana Bust in Las Vegas

    Posted on August 30, 2009 by Jack Potts

    Las Vegas Pot Bust

    Four charged after Vegas marijuana operation was busted last week. The marijuana bust was one of Las Vegas largest, with the seizure estimated to be worth about $7 million street value. Officials found and destroyed around 2,500 marijuana plants in a remote warehouse near the White Mountains located northwest of Las Vegas. Authorities reported the undisclosed location is said to be just between Las Vegas and Reno and near the California state line.

    Not only do the four suspects face federal charges in one the largest seizures ever in Las Vegas, they also charged with money laundering. All four local Vegas residents are charged with conspiracy to manufacture marijuana, conspiracy to distribute marijuana and possessing marijuana with intent to distribute. If the four suspects are convicted they will be forced to surrender up to $7.5 million in cash and properties.

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  • The Palms Casino Pays Tribute to DJ AM

    Posted on August 29, 2009 by Jack Potts

    Palms Casino DJ AM Tribute

    The Palms Casino Resort pays tribute to DJ AM by only lighting the A and the M.

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