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  • World Series of Poker to extend broadcast deal with ESPN until 2017

    Posted on August 18, 2009 by Jack Potts

    ESPN and WSOP

    WSOP, The biggest Poker tournament in the world and ESPN, the biggest sports television network in the world have locked up their partnership until 2017. ESPN started airing the WSOP back in 2003 which has proven to be one of the networks most successful programs. Both companies can take credit in each other’s success, as their brands are recognizable together almost everywhere they appear.

    Viewers can watch taped coverage of the World Series on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, ESPN International and more.

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  • Privé Seeking Temporary Liquor License

    Posted on August 17, 2009 by Jack Potts

    Vegas Prive

    It might not be too much longer until the party heats up at the popular Las Vegas hangout Privé. The nightclub located at Planet Hollywood has been closed and without a liquor license since Tuesday, July 28, 2009. The Las Vegas casino once remembered as "The Aladdin" reopened it doors on April 17, 2007 as the Las Vegas hotspot, Planet Hollywood Casino and Resort.

    Planet Hollywood reportedly was aware its tenant was crossing the line, but turned the blind eye. Privé was reported for gaming irregularities, a list of 11 conditions which could basically be summarized as getting people drunk, roughing them up with illegal and illicit activities, and then turning them loose on the casino.

    Privé currently applying for a temporary liquor license which might come with some conditions, the case is under review. This recent story has said to have sparked contracts talks between other Las Vegas hotels and their nightclubs. With the main focus giving the hotels greater authority with nightclub managers. Operating a party environment that is continually under close watch for regulated activity will always generate a buzz.

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  • Hooters Casino Hotel in Vegas Could be in Trouble

    Posted on August 17, 2009 by Jack Potts

    Las Vegas Hooters Casino

    It’s not all about the tacky outfits, big boobs, and hot wings these days at the Las Vegas Hooters Hotel and Casino. In the hard times of running a casino in Las Vegas during this recession, the company that owns the Hooters Casino Hotel said it had a significant loss in the second quarter. With reality setting in, the company hinted it may seek bankruptcy protection if it can't restructure operations, refinance its debt or gain forbearance deals from lenders.

    On February 2, 2006, Hooters Casino Hotel officially opened its doors with a large orange carpet welcoming the public to a mix of eccentric entertainment and gambling. Last year was the first signs of financial trouble when a major purchasing deal fell through from investment group Hedwigs Las Vegas Top Tier. The deal consisted of purchasing Hooters Hotel Casino for $225 million another perk to the deal was to bring $130 million to redevelop the property in a competitive Las Vegas atmosphere. Present day, Hooters lost $5.05 million in the quarter vs. a profit of $2.44 million in 2008's second quarter.

    Is the Hooters Casino Hotel on a path to closure? It’s really too early to tell, but the signs are pointing for this group to stick to what they do best, frying up hot wings and serving up cold beer with a “perky” smile.

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  • Celebrities Find Refuge in Las Vegas

    Posted on August 17, 2009 by Jack Potts


    Las Vegas has been known for years as being a celebrity hot spot. Everyday hundreds, if not thousands, or celebrities descend on the place known as Sin City. This stardom craze is partly responsible for what made Las Vegas one of the most famous cities in the world.

    As the slogan goes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Many celebrities find an escape in Las Vegas from the day to day world of being famously recognized in society. Some celebs find a night out in Vegas to be more accommodating than other places where flash bulbs and group gatherings get to be overwhelming to having a good time. Maybe it’s because celebrities blend in more with the crazy antics of Vegas, maybe the celebrities themselves are part of the anticipated Vegas buzz the town is famous for, whatever the case may be more celebrities have been finding a refuge of exciting times in Las Vegas.

    Let’s face it, people want to part of the action and when it comes down to it celebrities are just normal people. In the entertainment capital of the world what else can you expect other than people having a great time embracing in memories that become unforgettable stories.

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  • Las Vegas City Center Condos Expected to Lower Price

    Posted on August 17, 2009 by Jack Potts

    Las Vegas City Center

    The convenience of living in the entertainment capital of the world might become more of a reality for some. Las Vegas has an estimated 2.5 million visitors to the city each month becoming one of the top travel destinations in the world. Many of these visitors travel to Las Vegas numerous times each year to take part of the fun, known as Sin City.

    Las Vegas is experiencing a decrease in tourism money and an increase in unemployment. These reasons along with others leave the Las Vegas real estate market with some uncertainty in its future.  There have been some recent rumors that MGM Mirage is to be expected to cut its condominium prices at CityCenter by about 30 percent. The condominiums are expected to open by the end of the year.

    Prices range from $1.4 million to $10 million in Mandarin Oriental, in the high $400,000s to just under $4 million in the two Veer towers and $600,000 to just under $3 million in Vdara, the condo hotel. Some observers say MGM has no choice but to cut prices because there is too much inventory on the Strip in Las Vegas. Not only does it take into account what’s happening with the economy, but MGM has also recognized the decline in the price of real estate.

    There is competition from Palms Place, Trump and other projects in the condominium marketplace of Las Vegas. Some suggest MGM will convert some of building into a resort hotel and consider condo sales down the road.

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