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Crazy Horse III

There are many different factors that usually play into the decision of which club to attend, the most important of these usually being finding the right mix of dancers, and this is never easy to do.


Many of the clubs you'll find out there, especially in Vegas, are home to ladies who look like they just won the grand prize on The Swan. And in many of these clubs, this is the only variety you'll find. Others have women who seemed to have just recently stepped out of a people of Wal-Mart photo. Some do have the dream combination including women of all shapes and sizes that appeal to every type of man, but even in this magic oasis of a club the beautiful women will be in short supply. Yet, when a club does come along that features just the right variety of women, this will be the one that you'll be short listing and making a lot of future visits to.


Crazy Horse III is one such club that does manage to have just the right variety of women, combining all of the qualities that anyone may want in an exotic dancer into a single club environment that also just so happens to provide excellent service.


Along with the assistance of many different dancing areas and the Posh Boutique Nightclub (as well as plenty of extra space designated for VIP customers), Crazy Horse III is the place for you whether you're celebrating a bachelor party or ending a business meeting with a bang.


The club even has the classy appearance of a standard nightclub and could even be mistaken for one were it not for the stripper poles strategically placed throughout the club's many rooms. The seating is spread out enough that anyone can get many different perspectives of the stage with a view good enough to be envied for it. The sofas that can be found occasionally papered about the main rooms are also perfect places to take the action to when one of the many amazing ladies of the crazy horse offers you a dance.


There are many fixtures that are designed to look somewhat like lampshades which help give the place a warm red glow. The pervasiveness of the lighting around the general club area is also useful in making sure you make the right decisions before you throw your money away just anywhere.


Of course, this is usually not a problem regardless, since the women here (and this point needs to be stresses) can appeal to just about every taste a man can possibly have regarding women. Most of them are young, beautiful, and in their twenties however there are some that appear to be in their thirties if you are more interested in mature women.


In regards to the treatment of clients, the girls couldn't be more warm. They are usually very social and very open to talking with you about whatever topic you want before they turn things all business and ask if you'd like a dance. And the girls really know how to work a crowd when they're actually onstage. If there's a girl that you really have your eyes on, You'll have a ton of chances to pick her up as long as you're sitting near the stage on which she is performing. Depending on the type of crowd and the night you may even see up to three girls on the same stage at once.


Let's own up to it though, the men that go to strip clubs usually aren't the best pick of the litter. Often they have confidence issues or some other problem that prevents them from seeing themselves as attractive, but the girls at the Crazy Horse will make you feel accepted no matter how you look, which is the most important part of any good strip club.


Hours: Open 24 hours a day

Cover charge: Free admission and no charge for transportation

Payment types accepted: Every major credit card as well as cash

The women: You'll find women that appeal to just about every persuasion. From burly men with biker tattoos to shy young men spending their first time in a gentleman's club, everyone will find their type of girl here.

Amount of skin: Topless


Lap dances: $20

VIP dances: $100 for 3 dances, $200 for 30 mins, $400 for 60 mins, $500 and a $300 minimum bar tab for a private room.

Music selection: Top 40 stuff, hip-hop, rock

Alcohol availability: There are four different bars located throughout the establishment

Food: yes

ATM: yes

Atmosphere: This club has four different rooms, and each one features a host of trendy accents, a few different stages and booths of every size.

Parking: Free when you use the adjoining parking lot. There is also valet service available.

Events: Wednesdays are industry nights at the crazy horse. These start at 9 PM and the bar is open until 3 AM. Thursdays are ladies nights where women are treated to an open bar with many different wines, beers, and cocktails available going on from 10 PM until close.

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