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Hustler Club

Yes, you thought right; the “Hustler” in the name of this establishment is directly related to hustler magazine, started by Larry Flynt’s publishing company. With a name that big attached to the club, you’ll expect to be wowed, and you most certainly won’t be let down because the amazing girls that you were just sure were airbrushed into the latest issues of Hustler you received through your subscription are not far off from how the ladies of the Hustler club actually look. In fact, the exact women that do the shoots will occasionally pop in for a guest appearance.


This club is credited with being the world’s biggest strip club, and with the amount of space that this club is situated on, you most certainly won’t be disappointed by all it has to offer. They even made room for a gift shop that you can visit so you’ll always remember your trip to this amazing Vegas staple.


Rather than keeping to the seedy underbelly of the environment and tucking itself away into some secluded orifice of the city, Hustler is loud and proud. All you have to do is, when driving down I-15, look for the big shiny white building that seems to have outgrown and outshone all of the surrounding buildings. If this doesn’t do it for you, it would be literally impossible for you to miss the giant 50 foot flame shooting out of the roof unless you were looking the other direction.


The entrance of the club gives you a choice, either take the stairs to the second level which is the main room of the joint, or take a turn to the left and be greeted by two different stages and a bar along with many different VIP booths.


Bars run along two walls of the establishment with the stages set in between them. The stages have plenty of seats with many in the front row, giving anyone ample room to toss their money away without a second thought.


There is a staff of 600 dancers that make up the entertainment of the Hustler club, but don’t drool over the computer screen before you can read this: The catwalk on the second story and both stages on the above floor can all be viewed from the bottom level of the club through some very well designed glasswork. Spending just a few moments watching a set downstairs should be enough to draw anyone upstairs immediately.


The second floor is home to the Honey Suites, and this is where you can see how VIP treatment at the hustler club really works. The private rooms have their own doors and a flat screen TV for each one. There are also two grand suites available, but one is reserved for Larry Flynt and the other is reserved for the director of marketing and promotions.


The biggest of the Honey Suites is also right next to the DJ booth and right near the glass stage. Plus, the way the honey suites are designed, the ones that line the catwalk serve as a sort of skybox for both the upstairs and downstairs views.


These aren’t the only impressive features that this club boasts however, if you take the stairs up to the elevator, you’ll find a roof deck with patio seating, inflatable hot tubs, and another bar. Therefore, it wouldn’t really be unreasonable to request a lap-dance under the stars if that’s always been a dream of yours.


A problem that strip clubs often have is the low lighting which is usually meant to detract attention from the club, but as a pinnacle of the adult entertainment industry, Larry Flynt does not shy away from attention, rather he invites it by having one of the most well lit strip clubs in the world. You aren’t going to miss a single atom of the girl’s body when she’s onstage with the great quality of lighting in this club. Hey, you may not even need a subscription to hustler anymore if you make this club a regular stop on your list. Be sure to let us know if you do.


Hours: Open Daily from 4 PM to 9 AM

Cover Charge: $30 dollars which includes the first lap dance.

Payment Types Accepted: Cash and all major credit cards are accepted

The Women: 80 of the best and hottest women in all of Las Vegas

Amount of Skin: Topless

Dances: $30 for a dance, $250 for a half hour dance

Music Selection: Top 40’s general music, dance, rock

Alcohol Availability: Yes

Food: Yes

ATM: Yes

Atmosphere: The Vegas Hustler Club is a fairly large club with five different bars, four floors including a basement, and an oasis on the roof crowning the club

Parking: Self parking is free and valet service is also offered.

Events: Every Sunday through Monday the club sells $1 cans of Coors light and Miller light.