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Olympic Garden

Olympic Garden Las VegasThe Olympic Garden has the distinguished honor of being one of the first true Vegas strip clubs. It had a certain air of luxury about it, it commanded attention, and the women were easily the most beautiful around. Of course that was over a decade ago, and since then even more affluent investors have opened up strip clubs in its wake that were ten times more breathtaking, but at one time it was king, and it will forever remain the strip club that was able to set the standard for all to come, and there’s something to be said about that.


Aside from the appeal that the history of the club brings to the table, the club itself is still something of a time machine, having changed very little since it was first built. Not even the playlists have changed at all, still blasting the same RATT and Warrant that the ladies danced to in the 80’s and early 90’s. That isn’t so bad though since a strip club is essentially the perfect venue for music that otherwise shouldn’t be listened to. The club itself has a very spacious layout with four different stages, and two bars (one of them being a snack bar) and a cashier cage. Each stage is going to give you quite a bit of variety for you to work with, and variety is possibly the most important aspect of any strip club experience.


Of course, the Olympic Garden was not always known for its variety. On the contrary, it used to be well known for a lack of it, with most of their girls looking as if they were identical blondes made out of plastic. There is still no shortage of models that look like this today, but now there is also a greater selection of more worldly women. Worldly does not mean a reduction in beauty either since they are all absolutely gorgeous. They are even friendly and fairly easy-going to boot.


Olympic Garden is also one of the few clubs that plays both the male and female demographics, offering the Men of Olympus, an all male group of performers that spend their time on the club’s second floor. The hours are different for the Men of Olympus so don’t expect them 24/7, but they’re not exactly unavailable either. Even though there are other male revues out there providing Olympic with healthy competition, Olympic Garden is inarguably the first to do it, and some ladies would attest, the best.


Olympic Garden may find it hard these days to compete with some of the newer and nicer clubs out there but it certainly has a history behind it, and regardless of the setting the ladies certainly make it worth your while to attend.

Hours: Open 24 hours a day

Cover Charge: Locals get in free before 6 PM and for only $10 after 10 PM. Non-residents also get in for free before 6 PM but must pay a $30 cover charge after 6 PM.

Payment Types Accepted: Cash and all major credit cards

The Women: Great variety of dancers

Amount of Skin: Topless

Dances: Lap Dances are priced $20 on the floor and $30 on the stage

Music Selection: Pretty much what you’d expect from a club; a general selection.

Alcohol Availability: There are two bars, one downstairs, and one upstairs.

Food: Yes

ATM: Yes

Atmosphere: Five stages in the downstairs area and one upstairs

Parking: Parking is free at the left side of the building.

Events: N/A