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Many people do not understand why strip clubs hold appeal, but any questions one might have can all be answered by the simple word: Fantasy.


Las Vegas is home to many beautiful women just like any city out there, but how many times have you been passed by a large group of reasonably beautiful women and imagined to yourself what would have happened if you had been less fearful of approaching them or if they had been more receptive to your tired pickup lines. Clubs like Sapphire help you to live out those fantasies. You won’t exactly be picking up women there with the same lines that failed on the other ladies, but you’ll absolutely never be shot down as long as you have the capital to back up your old pickup lines.


And if fantasy is what you’re ultimately looking for, Sapphire is one of the best places imaginable to act out these desires because it happens to be one of the largest strip clubs in Vegas and even the world. Its size also comes with great diversity as well so you’re sure to find a girl that you’ll love.


The reason for the size is because the building it is housed in used to be home to a gym with two pools. Now that it has been converted, this allowed for the reception area to be a bit more open than your standard stuffy cramped strip club entrance area. Walking to the main room is even a bit of an exercise, but this gives you time to take in the sights, in this case being one of the most impressive arrays of wine and champagne you could possibly imagine.


Once you’ve actually found your way into the main room you’ll be greeted with a scene much like you’d imagine in a Roman Bordello or an HBO reproduction of a Roman Bordello spiced up for today’s audiences. There are mostly nude women laying around or dancing just about everywhere, including not just the catwalk and the stages, but at the tables, in the VIP booths, and even waiting near the men’s bathrooms.


There is even a room set aside to host the male dancers on Fridays and Saturdays and there are also ten separate skybox areas that each has a different theme attached to them. These each also have a karaoke room, a VIP room, and a champagne room endemic to each one.


Looking at the selection of women too is quite the exercise in restraint. At a normal strip club you’re usually subjected to a handful of amazing beauties and a few that could go either way. Here at sapphire you’re treated to nothing but flawlessly beautiful women. This group includes women of Asian and Latin descent, and even Russian beauties as well and not every one of them is a blonde with engorged implants like you might see at other clubs, though there are some of these here if that’s what you’re interested in.


Those of you that are veteran strip club goers are probably used to the phenomenon of going to a club, spending all of your money on dances with the first girl that you really connect with, and running out of cash to continue the connection before you even know it. Thanks to Sapphire’s dance bucks, this will hopefully be a thing of the past.


If you swipe your credit card into a machine, you can be given as many dance bucks as you’re willing to pay for. These essentially act like vouchers for dances and can be used whenever necessary to keep the fantasy alive. And at the end of the day, Sapphire is in the business of helping you live out your fantasies. This is what makes it such a successful business model.


Hours: Open 24 hours a day with a happy hour lasting from 10 AM to 6 PM

Cover Charge: Drink packages start at $60 and bachelor/bachelorette parties start from $40.

Payment Types Accepted: Cash and all major credit cards accepted

The Women: A generous variety of very beautiful women

Amount of Skin: Topless

Dances: $20 for a lap dance, $100 for a VIP dance, $400 per hour to reserve a VIP area

Music Selection: Dance and Top 40’s

Alcohol Availability: Sapphire has four bars, the Martini Bar, Pete’s Bar with view, the Off Broadway Showroom, and the Skybox Bar.

Food: Yes

ATM: Yes

Atmosphere: This place has a size to rival that of the Hustler club, which is saying a lot. Be prepared to be treated to a variety of women.

Parking: Free, valet service is also available.

Events: Every once in a while the club is host to a special event, but none that are held on regular occasions. Check the club’s website for details.