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Treasures Las VegasTreasures is a name fit for only the most confident of clubs since it is both a lofty promise and one which is a bit ridiculous to some degree since the word treasures is now generally associated with gaudiness. However, treasures doe not fail to deliver on its promises by any means. In fact, Treasures has appeal for just about every interest a man can dream up, including big booty chicks, Latinas, and even heavily tatted blondes as well as the classic girl-next-door ladies.


Even though Treasures definitely has the girls to back up the ridiculous name, this does not necessarily suggest that the club is any less gaudy. In fact, it happens to have one of the most interesting and involved entries of any strip club that has ever existed. The foyer has a marble staircase and an amazing chandelier which looks like something straight out of an episode of MTV Cribs. The rest of the club keeps this theme going throughout the premises. Next to the foyer is the steakhouse which has better steaks than you can find at any strip club. These steaks can even rival some of the better actual restaurants on the strip.


Going beyond the foyer is the main room which houses three different stages, each of which has at least one girl performing on them at all times. These stages rotate too, so if you happened to get a seat away from the best looking girl, don’t worry, she’ll be dancing right in your face in no time. The main stage is one of the most elaborate that can be found in Vegas. The stage itself looks much like a craps table that has had its legs lopped off in the middle, but it keeps everything going on onstage at eye level. The poles that the girls use are neon and they have a whole bag of tricks that they pull out to otherwise make the performance more memorable and interactive.


The way the seating is placed makes it quite easy to simply grab a dancer and receive a tableside dance without much issue. Sometimes a buffet table is wheeled out on the left side of the room and there is a bar on the right, making it so that the main room will take care of just about all of your immediate needs. Seats are great, but with all of the food and drinks you’re going to be consuming combined with a friendly female wait staff, you’ll find the decision to get a table will be the best one you can make.


There are rooms off in the left corner of the club with glass doors where you can get a VIP dance. They’re private enough that you won’t find many people bothering you, but anyone that happens to be passing will be able to see everything you’re doing.


You can find the champagne room in between the buffet area and the private rooms. There are bottle minimums that you must restrict yourself to if you want to use one of these rooms, but this is a small sacrifice if you’ve really got your eye on one special lady.


If you take the staircase, this will lead you to the skybox area which has its own stage and a view that lets you see all the downstairs action at the same time. There are a higher volume of tables here due to the fact that it usually functions as an overflow area on the busiest nights.


The second floor also has a VIP area which is just a bit more private than the semi-private rooms downstairs. If you think the club isn’t big enough then there’s even been a rumor or two about the club doubling in size meaning that they’ll soon have to look for even more treasures to fill the new space.


Hours: 4 PM to 6 AM Thursday through Sunday but open until 9 AM on Fridays and Saturdays

Cover Charge: Drink packages start at $40 and VIP packages start at $95

Payment Types Accepted: Cash and credit cards

The Women: Like a glimpse into a treasure chest. It’s partially where the name of the club came from.

Amount of Skin: Topless

Dances: $20

Music Selection: Just about all kinds of music

Alcohol Availability: Happy hour at treasures is from 4-6 PM with free beers and well drinks. As far as premium and special drinks are concerned, Treasures offers them at 2 for 1 pricing between 4 and 8 PM

Food: Yes, Treasures has gourmet food and fine wines to choose from all available between 7 PM and 1 AM. The happy hour buffet takes place between 4 and 8 PM. Happy hour means it’s free.

ATM: Yes

Atmosphere: The atmosphere of this club is unbelievably classy, however perhaps the most important feature of the club is the shower stalls that line the main stage.

Parking: Yes

Events: The above mentioned happy hour events take place daily at Treasures. Also, Monday nights are host to football parties during football season.