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The Crown Nightclub is a great venue which will provide you with something fun to do on an otherwise boring night, and is especially perfect for those that have already gotten themselves burned out on the normal club atmosphere in Vegas. This is because rather than hip-hop or DJ culture, the Crown focuses on fostering an environment that has been kicked to life through use of Latin and R&B music. The Crown also features other music though, and has a wide list of different musical events. Past events include performances from RATT and Skrillex, just to give you an idea of how diverse the talent is.


Cover: Friday - $20, Saturday - $30.


Hours: Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:00 PM to closing time.


Waiting Time: In between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the night/event.


Guest List: The guest list is open for consideration every night that the club is open (excluding holiday weekends), however unless your group is made up of mostly women, don’t expect your name to end up on the list. Being on the guest list will give you privileges ranging from free to discount admission. If you would like to be considered for the guest list, email DJMasterweb at djmasterweb@gmail.com or text (702) 733-8229. If your admission to the guest list is not confirmed by at least 12PM the day of your trip then you can assume you were not admitted.


Location: Crown Nightclub is located in the center of the Rio (a hotel/casino setup). The Rio can be found near the Masquerade Village Show in the Sky.


Door Setup: The Crown Nightclub’s setup at the door couldn’t be more straightforward. Simply wait in the line that comes out of the right side of the main door. If you are on the guest list, step up to the podium on the other side and wait to be acknowledged.


Best Night to Attend: The Crown has different events for every night. Monday is Rock Night, Wednesday is Latin Night, Friday is Ladies Night, and Saturday is Sinful Saturdays. Any of these would be great to go to, and it is recommended that beforehand you bone up on the general event schedule.


What to Wear: Women can get in as long as it looks like they put even the smallest bit of effort into their outfit. Men will need to come dressed in either a collared shirt or sport jacket. Don’t wear anything that might be considered sportswear and don’t wear tennis shoes. You might get away with a more discreet pair, but it’s best to avoid any chance of being turned away and stick with the loafers.


General Drink Pricing: Mixed drink prices begin at $9, Beers start at $6, and shots at $9. Table service pricing structures start at $325.


Best Tables: Because the Crown is designed like a circle, most of the best tables circle around the main room so that all guests have a great view of the dance floor and main stage. There have also been two tables recently added near the DJ booth if you feel like you really need to be noticed. Or maybe you like the DJ. Either way, you can’t go wrong.