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Ghost Bar

Ghostbar is a highly trendy location as far as Las Vegas clubs are concerned because of the history it has behind it and because its design is still popular to this day.


It was one of the first clubs in Vegas to feature a beautiful panoramic view of the city, and this comes from the 55th floor of the Palms tower meaning that you’re sure to see just about everything in Vegas. If you’re looking to make some celebrity sightings, this is usually the place to do it as it is one of the swankest hangouts for the glitterati. One of the other cool features that this club has is the Plexiglas floor on the deck outside which enables guests to see directly down to the pool below. Those who are into the idea of a typical night in Vegas minus some of the stress and noise pollution should definitely look towards attending Ghostbar.


Cover: $30


Hours: Ghostbar is open from 8PM to 3AM every night, but the best nights to attend are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


Waiting Time: Anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on the night.


Host Contact Information: Use Contact for below.


Door Setup: It all sort of depends on which night you want to attend but generally you’re going to be walking into an amalgam of a group that is trying to get into both the Rain nightclub and Ghostbar. You’re going to want to edge towards the leftmost group to make it into Ghostbar and you’ll need to try to get the doorman’s attention for quick admittance. Since the Ghostbar is only a mid-sized club it shouldn’t be too hard to get in, but on weekends it is often totally full or even rented out for private parties. Therefore you can expect a wait on those days.


Best Nights to Attend: People generally interested in experiencing the Vegas nightlife would be happy to attend Ghostbar any night of the week, but veteran club-goers will find the most appeal on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.


What to Wear: Make sure to dress nice and make it look like you knew you were going to end up at a club at some point. Guys wear collared shirts or sport coats, and nice shoes (not tennis shoes). Women can wear whatever they want as long as it looks like they sincerely put some effort into their outfit.


General Drink Pricing: Mixed Drinks start at $11, pricing for shots and beer also starts at $7, and Table Service starts at $350.


Best Tables: It’s hard to go wrong at Ghostbar since you only have two choices (both of which are great), these being the lush interior or the awesome exterior. There’s a patio with a sweet view of the Las Vegas strip, or the same view from indoors with all of the comforts like cool air and music. You might miss out on the Plexiglas view of the pool if you stick indoors all night though. Not kidding, it’s definitely something worth seeing.