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Gold Lounge

Brought to life out of respect for the late great king of rock & roll (feel free to dispute this), Elvis Presley, the Gold Lounge is partnered with Aria’s Cirque D Soleil production Viva Elvis. It is somewhere between a lounge and a nightclub which is perfect for those of you that want both, or are indecisive, and it’s also considerably easier to get into than some other choices.


Cover: $30


Hours: This club is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10:30PM to closing time.


Waiting Time: Expect to wait in line for only about 30 minutes at most. Sometimes there is no wait at all. It all depends on the night.


Location: This club is located by the Elvis Cirque Du Soleil theatre which I turn is on the Aria Resort’s second floor. . There are two escalators leading to the gold lounge and neither has more benefits than the other.


Setup: The entrance for the Gold Lounge isn’t hard to find. The line for general admission is on the right side and there are often people in this line casually talking to the doorman about what’s going on with their reservations and whatnot. It’s easy to find where you need to stand and figure out what you need to do.


What to Wear: Men wanting to get into the Gold Lounge should be wearing either a collared shirt or sport coat and nice shoes. Do not wear tennis shoes and do not wear anything that might be interpreted as sporty or you will be turned away. Women can get in with just about anything.


General Drink Pricing: Mixed drink prices begin at $15, Beers and shots start at $8, and table service starts at $375.


Best Tables: Since the Gold Lounge is just that, a lounge, it’s hard to find a bad table, and location all depends on personal preference. Those who are itching to do a lot of dancing will want to ask for a dance floor table, but otherwise, there is no one table that is more convenient or comfortable than any other.