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LAVO is what might be best termed as an intimate nightclub. It is not exactly a lounge per se, but the boisterous attitude and loud music that other clubs play might be toned down a little bit in LAVO. This does not mean that crowd size is sacrificed in any way though. It basically takes the best elements of each environment and combines them into one very expensive and lavish club environment. No matter what it is you’re looking for in a club, LAVO has it all so be prepared to have a good time. And most importantly you usually won’t have to worry about overcrowding in the lines, in the bars, or on the dance floor.


The LAVO is not without its own theme either. In fact it was modeled after the look of a European bathhouse. You’ll see plenty of hot women being fanned off by little people, genuine article decorations taken from Turkey, and models bathing in bathtubs that Tao nightclub (owned by the same people that own LAVO) is known for.


Cover: $30


Hours: Open every night except Monday from 10:30PM to close.


Waiting Time: Anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the night.


Host Contact: Use the contact form below.


Location: LAVO is by the hotel registration desk in the lobby of Venetian’s Palazzo. Valet will let out right next to the club entrance, and if you choose to self-park, the elevator in the southwest corner of the garage will bring you right to the entrance of LAVO.


Door Setup: Unlike most clubs, LAVO actually does general admission starting on the left of the ropes. Table service guests will want to check in on the right, and those on the guest list will wait in the middle of the ropes to check-in.


Best Nights to Attend: Every night is a positive strength for LAVO, while Sundays actually present more of a cool-down time.


What to Wear: Women can get in as long as it looks like they put even the smallest bit of effort into their outfit. Men will need to come dressed in either a collared shirt or sport jacket. Don’t wear anything that might be considered sportswear and don’t wear tennis shoes. You might get away with a more discreet pair, but it’s best to avoid any chance of being turned away and stick with the loafers.


General Drink Pricing: Mixed drink prices start at $15, while beers and shots start at $8. Table service begins at $425.


Best Tables: Due to the nature of LAVO’s odd status as to the type of club that it is, this means that, deriving from the lounge aspect of the atmosphere, it’s going to be hard to find a bad table. The dancefloor tables are a good choice for those that definitely plan on getting up and dancing a lot, the only thing to be cautioned against is the seats near the bar, as the bar is going to be crowded at some points and this can significantly lower the fun factor of club attendance.