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LAX can be found inside the Luxor Hotel and Casino. It was sputtering along as a club until 2010 when it was bought out by a new owner who then put in a lot of work into turning it into one of the most happening club scenes in all of Vegas. This club definitely gives you an out-of-town flavor with attendance usually not comprised of local’s and an atmosphere meant to emulate that of a cool California night. Don’t be surprised if you see a few celebrities either. The way the club is designed, you’re also going to be the subject of someone’s field of vision at any given time throughout the night so make sure to dress your best.


Cover: $30


Hours: The club is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10:30PM to close.


Waiting Time: between 45 and 90 minutes depending on the night.


Host Contact Information: Use the form below.


Location: LAX nightclub is located by the Luxor’s main valet. But if you insist on self parking then be sure to follow the bridge leading to the casino and take a right.


Door Setup: Like most clubs, LAX has three lines. There’s the main line for general admission to get in on the left, the center is open to check-in for people that have reserved table service, and then the third line (which is often times more of a frothing crowd) is comprised of those who are on the guest list or people trying to smooth talk the doorman into letting them in. Despite how easy this layout seems you may want to get there early if you want to be sure you get a spot.


Best Nights to Attend: This club is open Wednesday through Saturday. While you can expect celebrity guests Thursday through Saturday, the local talent and guests come in on Wednesdays so make your choices based on that.


What to Wear: Women can get in as long as it looks like they put even the smallest bit of effort into their outfit. Men will need to come dressed in either a collared shirt or sport jacket. Don’t wear anything that might be considered sportswear and don’t wear tennis shoes. You might get away with a more discreet pair, but it’s best to avoid any chance of being turned away and stick with the loafers.


General Drink Pricing: Prices for mixed drinks begin at $12, prices for beers and shots begin at $7 and bottle service for tables begins at $425.


Best Tables: LAX’s tables are almost all located in the main room, either on the dance floor, surrounding the dance floor or on the balcony. The tables that get reserved first or that are particularly in demand are those that surround the main stage. If you are coming in with a group of 15 or more it might be wise to get a dance floor table, and this club does have a side room set aside for larger parties of 30 or more. But if you’re bringing that many people it may be wise to reserve the side room beforehand or at the very least, come early.