What to Do and Where to Go

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Because the newest clubs always get the hottest acts, for some time, the Marquee is going to be at the top list of many different lists of the top Las Vegas clubs. The marquee brings in a lot of talent and entertainment and gives them a stage that measures up to their needs with a huge LED wall and all kinds of other light tricks. This draws in enormous crowds every night that an important guest star is going to perform but it can also be off-putting to those that need to chill out, even if only for a second. This is why the Marquee, rather than risk losing you to a more down-tempo club later in the night, constructed two other rooms, the library and the boombox room.


Cover: $30-$50


Hours: Open Thursday through Saturday and also on Monday from 10:30PM to close.


Waiting Time: Anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on the night. It is best to arrive around 10:00 if you want to be one of the first few to get in, and even earlier would be better during the summer.


Host Contact Information: For table reservations and bottle service use form below.


Location: It’s hard to miss the signs once you come upon the Cosmopolitan, the building that the club is located in. You might see a sign on the casino floor for the club, but this isn’t where the actual club is, if you need to get there from the casino lobby just take the escalator near the chandelier bar and walk a ways.


Door Setup: The setup here is fairly easy to understand. Lines for entrance are located on the second floor of the Cosmopolitan. On the right is the line for general admission and on the left is a line for those who have reservations or are on the guest list. In the center is usually a line of people trying their best to talk their way in, or people with other issues that prevent them from falling into one specific category. If you’re still lost then just ask the people holding out arrows for you to follow.


Best Nights to Attend: The Marquee usually has one huge name artist per month headlining, and then a few lesser performers (lesser in fame, not quality) playing on the other nights throughout the week. These performances go on every night except Monday which features mostly local admission and local celebrities.


What to Wear: Make sure to dress nice and make it look like you knew you were going to end up at a club at some point. Guys wear collared shirts or sport coats, and nice shoes (not tennis shoes). Women can wear whatever they want as long as it looks like they sincerely put some effort into their outfit.


General Drink Pricing: Mixed drink prices start at $15, going down to beers and shots for $8 and bottle service for tables starts at $475.


Best Tables: The usual most requested tables are in the Marquee’s main room since this is where the headliners perform, but the boombox room and the library definitely have their pros. In the boombox room, guests can treat themselves to a totally different kind of music without feeling like the music is assaulting them. The library room provides a respite from even the lightly hectic nature of the boombox room and fosters an intimate atmosphere with tables at close quarters and ornate decorations everywhere. It even helps keep things light with a pool table that guests can help themselves to.