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Pure nightclub is another in the small list of Vegas clubs which hopes to stay true to its name. It aims to deliver you the most unobstructed club atmosphere possible through minimal decoration and great service. Don’t think empty warehouse though, think an elegant restaurant that you might take a loved one to on Valentine’s Day, but less sappy, and more sexy. This club is host to many live concerts and other attractions (including frequent celebrity appearances) that just about all other clubs in Vegas are privy to.


Cover: $30


Hours: The club is open Thursday through Saturday and on Tuesday as well, from 10:00PM to close.


Waiting Time: Between 45 and 90 minutes depending on the night.


Host Contact Information: For reservations use contact form below.


Location: This club is located inside the first Caesar’s Palace tower next to the sportbook on the inside of the casino.

Door Setup: Lots of Las Vegas casinos allow riffraff to stand in the center of the ropes trying to talk or sneak their way in so they don’t have to pay or don’t have to wait. This club tries to minimize on that. There will still inevitably be a small crowd of people trying to worm their way into the club, but most of them will probably have reservations and are just waiting to be served. Those interested in general admission should simply stick to the right side.


Best Nights to Attend: Pure is regularly visited by celebrities on Tuesdays, Friday’s, and Saturdays, however, Tuesdays are local industry nights, so make your judgment call based on that information.


What to Wear: While Pure was known at one time for its very stringent rules regarding dress, they have started to gradually lighten up. Make sure to dress nice and make it look like you knew you were going to end up at a club at some point. Guys wear collared shirts or sport coats, and nice shoes (not tennis shoes). Women can wear whatever they want as long as it looks like they sincerely put some effort into their outfit.


General Drink Pricing: Mixed drink prices start at $15, while beers and shots go for $8. Bottle service for tables starts at $475.


Best Tables: Pure has three different rooms in the downstairs segment and one terrace upstairs. Those who want table service should keep in the main room. If you want a nice outdoor view of the Vegas strip then ask for the terrace, and if you want a place that is more secluded and conducive to conversation then ask for a seat in the “red room.”