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Rain nightclub is easily one of the most important nightclubs in all of Vegas because of is the influence that it's had on many of the current most popular nightclubs to date. It was showcased in MTV's real word Las Vegas and the that followed the show religiously are still apt to fill its dance floors to this day trying to live up to that same entertainment. Among the people filling the dance floor are also regular people that just happen to appreciate the really well put together pyrotechnic displays and sounds.


Cover: $30


Hours: open Friday and Saturday, starting at 111PM and going until close.


Waiting Time: between 45 minutes and 3 hours depending in the night.


Host Contact Information: For bottle service reservations, use form below.


Location: this club can be accessed on the casino floor by Ghostbar.


Door Setup: since the two clubs Ghostbar and Rain are so close to one another, when attempting to enter one, you're bound to run into a large group trying to enter the other. Make sure to head to the right and try to get the correct doorman's attention. If looking for the general admission line, it will usually be wrapping around palms buffet if you're unsure as to where it is located.


Best Nights to Attend: Rain is best on either night it is open, Friday or Saturday.


What to Wear: Be stylish. Wear a nice shirt with a collar and some nice shoes at a bare minimum. Girls can get away with just about anything, but if you're a guy trying to get into rain, it's important to not look like a slob. Don't wear anything too sporty and absolutely no tennis shoes. If you can follow the rules you should be just fine for entry.


General Drink Pricing: Mixed drink prices start at $11, $7 for beers and shots, and $350 starting price for bottle service to tables.