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Tao nightclub is easily one of the most successful nightclubs in the United States based on how much money it makes. Located inside the Venetian hotel it is the number one destination for many that seek to partake in the mega club scene that Vegas has become so notorious for especially during the Thursday through Saturday time slot. Tao helped invent the idea of the voyeur model; in this case, the club employs women who bathe in a pool of flowers in the main room of the club. On top of that you can expect top notch performances from well recognized DJs and appearances from celebrities. Expect a crowd of around 3,000 every night.


Cover: $30


Hours: open Thursday through Saturday from 10:00 PM until closing.


Waiting Time: between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending on the night.


Host Contact Information: For Bottle Service Reseravations, use contact form below.


Location: Tao can be found among the Grand Canal shops of the Venetian Hotel. The club may be reached throng the parking garage or through the escalators in the main building. There is also a separate valet from the Venetian's for Tao club goers specifically.


Door Setup: The doormen are hard to reach easily so you might not exactly get your way if you planned on talking your way in. Be prepared to wait in line a while even if you are on the guest list. For this reason it is always best to show up early.


Best Nights to Attend: Tao nightclub is open Thursday's through Saturdays and Thursday's are generally open more towards the local crowd. Make your decision to attend based on that fact.


What to Wear: Be stylish. Wear a nice shirt with a collar and some nice shoes at a bare minimum. Girls can get away with just about anything, but if you're a guy trying to get into rain, it's important to not look like a slob. Don't wear anything too sporty and absolutely no tennis shoes. If you can follow the rules you should be just fine for entry.


General Drink Pricing: The price for mixed drinks begins at $12, and goes down to $7 for beers and shots. Bottles for table service start at $425.


Best Tables: Tao has a ton of different tables to choose from even in just the main room. The ones that usually get picked up first are in the moat and dance floor area, but because of this you probably aren't going to get any of these spots unless you're extremely early. If you're in a larger group it might be best to try for a cabana table. Visually, the least appealing seats are in the lounge, hallway, and opium room locations but it's going to be easier to haggle down to a lower bottle minimum here if all you really want to do is drink and then get up and dance.


Other Points to Note: There are many different voyeur models doing all kinds of different thins throughout the club, some simply sitting in baskets, others dancing, and still others bathing themselves. There are women's bathrooms with clear doors which feature a frosting effect when you turn the handle, and in order to skip the inevitably long lines for the bathroom, it is best to tip the security guard to let you use the bathroom right near the DJ booth.