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The Bank

The Bank is a club known just as much for its innovation in the event category as it is for its rich and detailed design. No cost was spared in any area in order to make sure that this night club could contend for the top spot in the Las Vegas night club ranks. The cocktail waitresses are gorgeous, the bottle list, a mile long, and it has a layout which encourages lots of dance floor action. This club has many regular attendees and is not short on celebrity appearances either. If you plan on making a trip to the bank, prepare to be dazzled by the meticulously designed escalator entrance and the overall positive atmosphere present at the establishment. However you look at it, you’re in for a good time. The Bank keeps things lively for the Thursday through Saturday crowd, but it pulls out all the stops for Sundays. Hold onto your hat.


Cover: $30


Hours: Open Thursday through Sunday going from 10:30 PM to close.


Waiting Time: Lines last anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on the night


Host Contact Information: For bottle service and table reservations, use the form below.


Location: The Bank is found near the Bellagio Hotel’s northwest side. It’s around the general area of the Fix and Yellowtail restaurants and the north valet entrance is right by the front door.


Door Setup: The Bank really isn’t the type of club that you can expect to ease your way into with a sly tongue as it’s not so easy to even get to the doorman, let alone smooth talk him. Without a reservation you should be ready to expect a wait of at least 45 minutes, which can sometimes get as bad as 3 hours on Sundays.


Best Night to Attend: While the club is open Thursday through Sunday and any night spent at the Bank is sure to be full of fun, Sundays usually provide the legendary story fodder for years to come. Celebrities will come and go throughout, but the local veteran partygoers all show up on Sundays. Be sure to get there early.


What to Wear: Women can get in as long as it looks like they put even the smallest iota of effort into their outfit. Men will need to come dressed in either a collared shirt or sport jacket. Don’t wear anything that might be considered sportswear and don’t wear tennis shoes. You might get away with a more discreet pair, but it’s best to avoid any chance of being turned away and stick with the loafers.


General Drink Pricing: Mixed drink prices begin at $15. Beers and shots both start at $8 and bottle service for individual tables starts at $425.


Best Tables: It’s hard to find a bad table in a club like this. The best tables are all of course in the main floor though, being located on the balcony, around the dance floor and in a few cases even on the dance floor (you’ll understand when you get there). If you’re attending The Bank with a group of fifteen or more you might want to ask for a table on the dance floor so that people have more room to move around, and if you have a group of 30+, be sure to ask if you can be seated in the side room.