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Vanity nightclub can be find inside the Hard Rock Hotel and is known for having a wide stake of land that it makes full usage of with many outdoor attractions including cabanas, a fire pit, and a terrace. There’s even a new outdoor bar and fifty booths for intimate conversation. They also went all out on the inside, even going so far as to make sure that all the women’s restrooms were well equipped with makeup technicians and anyone that can help out if need be. There are even free manicures and champagne offered in the bathroom (which might as well be considered a lounge). In the heart of the club is an enormous chandelier utilizing over 20,000 different LED lights to help liven up the dance floor. There’s a ton of VIP seating around the dance floor in addition to the general seating.


Cover: $20 for women, $40 for men


Hours: Open Thursday through Sunday from 10:30PM to 4AM


Waiting Time: Between 45 minutes and 3 hours depending on the night.


Host Contact: Use the contact form below.


Location: Vanity nightclub is located within the Hard Rock hotel. Signs should point you in the right direction if you feel confused but generally the layout is pretty straightforward.


Door Setup: Vanity nightclub has a more chaotic door than average featuring a large mob of people trying to vie for the attention of the doorman.


Best Nights to Attend: Thursdays are house nights, Sundays are Industry nights, and the rest are standard nights. Make your decisions based on this information.


What to Wear: Most clubs require collared shirts. This is not the case here. However, if you take the risk and choose not to wear a collared shirt, you must be sure that your outfit is stylish enough to allow admittance. How stylish you are will be determined by the doorman, so be ready to be judged.


General Drink Pricing: Mixed drink prices begin at $12.50, while beers and shots go for $8. Bottle service for private tables starts at $450.


Best Tables: The tables adjacent to the DJ are generally considered prime real estate, however if you manage to make it anywhere on the dance floor, count yourself lucky.