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Be prepared to be floored when taking your first steps into XS, because it’s one of the most beautiful clubs in Vegas. It was designed with pure luxury in mind and is sure to knock your socks off upon entrance. Aside from the kind words here, it has won numerous accolades and garnered support from the farthest reaches for its large scale entertainment and its focus on making the dance floor the most accessible feature of the club. Even the people employed there look just as good as the club does. You should not only be excited for all of the reasons above when you walk through the door but also for the simple fact that you’re subjecting yourself to the treatment of one of the best regarded and most successful nightclubs in all of Las Vegas.


Cover: $30-$50


Hours: Open Friday through Monday from 10:30PM until close.


Waiting Time: Between 45 minutes and 3 hours depending on the night.


Host Contact Information: For Bottle Service Reservations use contact form below.


Location: XS can be a bit confusing to find. It is actually found in the middle of the mall that connects Encore Las Vegas with Wynn Las Vegas. There are signs all around to help though.


Door Setup: XS has a reputation to keep to, and to that end it makes sure to control the lines at the door as well. Rather than pure chaos, you’ll have a much more organized atmosphere while waiting in line. There are special directions for those with reservations just as there are special directions for those waiting on general admission admittance. Because it is so densely populated and popular it is best to show up by 10PM on any given day and even earlier during summer. You can expect a 1-3 hour wait most nights with a significantly shorter wait time on Sundays. If you are a guest of the Wynn or Encore you may also purchase line passes from the concierge at your respective hotel.


Best Night to Attend: Contrary to most Vegas clubs which pull out all the stops on the weekends, you’ll find that all of the coolest people and most awesome performers generally show up here on Monday nights.


What to Wear: Make sure to dress nice and make it look like you knew you were going to end up at a club at some point. Guys wear collared shirts or sport coats, and nice shoes (not tennis shoes). Women can wear whatever they want as long as it looks like they sincerely put some effort into their outfit.


General Drink Pricing: Mixed drink prices start at$15 while beers and shots go for $8. Bottles for table service start at $475. Something worthy of note is that while cocktails generally begin at the $20 mark here, they are also served in a glass twice the size of any other cocktail glass you’ll be able to find in Las Vegas.


Best Tables: Of course the main room and dance floor are usually the most highly sought after spots as far as seating is concerned. However there are some that would more enjoy the more tranquil atmosphere offered outside near the pool. Be aware though that the more important the spot, the more money you’re going to be expected to shell out. The host is going to be expecting a big tip from you if they’re able to swing a good spot for you so make sure to be honest with them about any monetary concerns before requesting a table.