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Blue Man Group in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo

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Blue Man Group in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo



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The Blue Man Group is perhaps one of the most enigmatic performance troupes in the world, but don’t let that deter you from seeing the wonderful show they put on as it’s said they’ll have you laughing until your face is just as blue as theirs are. If you’re not sure what to expect from a Blue Man Group performance, perhaps the best advice is to be prepared to laugh yourself silly and hear some fantastic tunes as a soundtrack to your laughter. It will certainly be one of the most interesting almost-two-hour-long segments of your life that you’ve ever experienced.

While Las Vegas isn’t a city that is always accommodating to children, you can expect good family values at a Blue Man Group show. The kids will be entranced by their hilarious antics, and the adults will be able to participate in the humor while also picking up on the deeper social commentary.

The Blue Man’s routine is not an easy one to imitate, and it is equally hard to prepare for a show strictly in terms of dress. Blue Men may spend up to an hour getting their makeup done and having their faces coated with a never-quite-dry substance that gives their bald heads that glorious blue sheen. They do not speak throughout the duration of the performance, but this fact is offset by the quality of their staging (including brilliant lights and colors) and the depth of their act. You’ll probably be having too much fun to notice anyway.

The Blue Man Group is known for performing any number of tricks and stunts to garner laughter and stunned gapes, but what really brings the show together is the paint drumming that helped to bring the performing troupe such fame. The audience will watch stuck perpetually in mid-gasp as these blue men bang on drums, sending paint splashing high into the air as they do. You can expect to see the use of common household objects as instruments as well. Think “Stomp” combined with The Smurfs, only more fun to watch. The entire stage will be awash in color as the performers methodically beat paint onto a canvas, creating real art right before the audience’s eyes. There’s a special “poncho” section for those that are okay with assuming the risks of getting splashed with some paint if it means they get a closer view. If this is where you’re going to sit, make sure to wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty!

The Blue Man Group has gotten pretty big in other countries as well since their lack of speech lifts a lot of restrictions off of them that other performances may face. They have even won a Grammy for the audio that they use to drive their performances. A performance from The Blue Man Group is sure to be unique and entertaining no matter the night.

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