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Jersey Boys in Las Vegas

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Jersey Boys in Las Vegas



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Jersey Boys is a musical showcasing the rise of the group Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons into early pop fame. These guys were the boy-band on the scene long before the members of the Backstreet Boys were even born and while the stars may have aged, their music remains timeless and the actors portraying Frankie Valli, Nick Massi, Tommy DeVito and Bob Gaudio do them proud in their presentation of a time that was certainly the pinnacle of their respective lives. These tickets will act as your own personal time machine, ushering you back into music’s golden era. Far from being overindulgent in the musical aspect, the show also endeavors to accurately portray the friendships formed and broken, the power struggles, the backstabbing, and the tragedy that occurred all while the group fought to achieve mainstream success. One moment you’ll be laughing hysterically, and the next you’ll be moved to tears. It was a huge hit on Broadway, but you won’t need plane tickets to New York in order to be captivated by this show since Las Vegas has this show running right on the strip. You’ll be drawn in by this show like no other.


 If there’s one thing that Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons are recognized for besides the lead singer’s characteristic voice, it’s their large catalogue of hits, so many in fact that it was impossible to fit all of them into the one show, not for lack of trying though. You’ll definitely hear most of your favorites including “Walk Like a Man,” “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry” which helped earn then their notoriety in the beginning. Their catalogue then expands into fun disco-inspired numbers such as “Oh What a Night,” and “Who Loves You” both of which will also be included in the show. And don’t be caught without a box of tissues when the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” kicks in.

Why See Jersey Boys?

 If you were unlucky enough to be born after these men were most famous, then you might have to ask your parents. But trust us when we tell you that you won’t be disappointed. Audiences are wildly impressed with the impossible harmonies the cast is able to achieve, let alone the superb quality of the scripting and acting. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons have transcended the need to be boxed into a specific time period, as their music remains very popular to this day. The fact that such a popular show was built upon the back of their highly successful musical catalogue and interesting story should be enough of a testament to that statement. Once you’ll get out of the show, you’ll find yourself saying “oh what a night” just as enthusiastically as Bob Gaudio originally sang it.

 Fun Facts

 The “little Joey Pesci” they refer to in the show is the same Joe Pesci of Goodfellas fame. It is a fact that he was instrumental I helping the group in their rise to fame.

 Frankie Valli himself has stated that the show was 95% correct in regard to the actual events that it depicts.

 The song that the group is perhaps best known for, “Sherry” was written in 15 minutes.

The inspiration for the song “Ragdoll” was a young ragged looking girl who washed Bob Gaudio’s window for him while he was at a red light.

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