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KA by Cirque du Soleil

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KA by Cirque du Soleil


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Cirque Du Soleil’s KA presents yet another opportunity for Las Vegas audiences to join the troupe in a fine foray into their famous death defying acrobatic achievements taking place at the MGM Grand. The best thing about the Cirque Du Soleil’s shows though is that despite their proclivity for using acrobatics throughout the entirety of their show with little or no dialogue, they still manage to carry an entirely cohesive storyline. Acrobatics and story aren’t their only talents though, with many of their shows (KA being no exception) containing stunning pyrotechnic work, puppetry, and even choreographed combat. You’ll laugh at the jokes and physical comedy and your heart will melt at the show’s romantic angle. Speaking from a purely technical standpoint, KA is the most advanced show in the world, so once you plop down in those seats, you better get ready to be treated to something spectacular.


Rather than use a traditional stage setup for this show, the display actually features a thin boardwalk which separates the audience from the performance space which looks much like a void. From this void platforms will appear and then disappear, actors will jump in and then fade away at a snap of the fingers. The entire stage can even be rotated 360 degrees to keep the entire audience mystified as to how the amazing stunts are pulled off. You won’t want to blink for fear of missing a second of the action. Just one example of the technical mastery which is the stage where KA is performed is when the setting is on a sinking ship. One second the characters are onboard a ship and the next second the stage shifts into an underwater scene and presents the illusion of the actors swimming up vertically towards the top of the theater to emulate the swim of someone trying to reach air once again after being submerged in the ocean. The theater that the show takes place in is enormous and will gladly accommodate these features.

 The Acts

When you walk into KA, you come in expecting to see great feats. You usually have no idea what, but by this time word has gotten around that Cirque Du Soleil do put on some truly unbelievable performances. Well, you won’t be disappointed by this show. You might think that watching a man climbing a mountain while being shot at with a barrage of arrows is a truly amazing feat of strength but imagine that man having to avoid a ten story fall from that mountain with only the very arrows that were shot at him to prevent his fall. Cirque Du Soleil is at this point world renowned for their acrobatics, but remember that KA also includes martial arts performances, and Capoeira dances all while taking place on a rotating stage with a center of gravity that is being constantly adjusted. At this point you have to admit that the performers seriously have something going for them if they’re able to pull all of this together, but they always manage to do so, and with gusto! You’ll find much puppet related and physical comedy ever present to offset the high amount of pulse-pounding action observable in the rest of the act, and the true treat to make yourself ready for is the shadow puppets.

 Why Choose KA?

The acrobatics featured in KA are impressive alone, let alone the fact that the staging is done so meticulously and the fact that the entire act takes place on a stage that rotates regularly. If you’re into massive pyrotechnics displays in an indoor setting, modern day puppetry, French culture, or acrobatics, even if only marginally so, then this show is sure to knock your socks off. KA takes the concept of imagination to new heights.

 Fun Facts

The stage is designed to have rods shoot out of it to simulate the effect of arrows being shot into it, and there are 80 different arrows that the performers must be able to find their way through in order to get around.

Besides the safety nets necessary to prevent the actors from meeting their end if something were to go wrong, the stage also features large airbags underneath.

Many acrobats wear earpieces that allow them to be signaled as to when they can safely perform their respective stunts without fear of something going wrong.

Granulated cork material is what makes the beach scenes look so sandy.

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