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O by Cirque du Soleil

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O by Cirque du Soleil


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Cirque Du Soleil brings viewers yet another show featuring the death defying feats of acrobatic intensity that they have become so well known for since the organization’s inception all taking place in a European opera theater housing a pool that holds 1.5 million gallons of water. This time the show features a romance taking place in a world of surrealism home to men who sail around in upside down umbrellas and pyromaniacs who burst into flames while calmly going along on a mid-day stroll. Audiences have been delighted by the excitement that this show has offered since it started in Vegas in the late 90’s. It will no doubt continue to be a staple of the Vegas strip for many years to come.

The Acts

People riding through the air on silken ropes, flipping in mid-air with the aid of only hoops, these acts will keep your jaw stuck on the floor long after it’s dropped the first time and will even make you laugh occasionally. One of the things that makes the stage so unique is the enormous pool in the center of it, and the performers make sure that this aspect of the stage is used in some way for all of their acts. Those acts which start in the air and immediately take a sudden jump (sometimes literally) to the water and vice versa are usually the biggest crowd-pleasers and some of the most impressive performances overall, but no matter what kind of acrobatics you enjoy, this Cirque Du Soleil show will hold something for everybody be it the team of contortionists working their best to keep you from guessing where one person ends and the other begins, or the fire dancers that are able to control fire, twirling it all around them, or even the trapeze artists who catch their partners using their feet rather than their hands. You can expect hundreds of flips and even some carefully choreographed falls to add some humor to a show that is full of actors that are quite serious about what they do

Fun Facts

The title of the show in English is O, which is a play on the French word for water, “eau” which is pronounced similarly to the English letter O.

There are mechanisms underwater which allow actors to be able to breathe so that they can be submerged for long periods.

In addition to breathing apparatuses the pool also holds communication devices that allow performers to listen to cues.

The underwater stage contains thousands of small holes so that no water will be seen gliding off of it when it is raised.

When the water is being drained in preparation for the performance, it is drained into the Bellagio Lake, causing the water level to raise a full inch all around.

The theater is designed so that cooler air is diverted to the audience and the performers are treated to a warmer environment so they do not lose articulation from freezing.

The music performed in each show is performed live rather than recorded and the musicians are housed in various glass enclosures throughout the theater so as not to risk their instruments being damaged.

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