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The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil

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The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil



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LOVE, a performance put on by the Cirque Du Soleil is truly a one of a kind show. The appearance of this show marks the first time that The Beatles Company has ever agreed to assist in a theatrical production of this sort. Don’t miss it. Sir George Martin one of the producers that worked with The Beatles in the 60’s has helped to re-imagine their catalogue, bringing to life once again some of their most classic and cult favorites in order to accurately deliver a portrayal of the band’s story.

Now don’t forget about the Cirque Du Soleil attached to the title of this show. Their characteristic amazing feats of acrobatics will be the visual focal point of the show set to a backdrop of the Beatles’ wonderful hits. Remember to collect your jaw off the floor before you leave because these stunts will leave your mouth agape long after the show is over.

The Music

While the carefully choreographed acrobatics are where you’re going to be putting your visual attention, your auditory senses are going to be tuned into the wonderful soundtrack of Beatles hits. The director of the production makes it so that the music never stops, blending the melodies of each song into one another to create one totally fluid piece that works with the performance. 130 separate songs have been sampled and 26 full songs were used in putting together this Grammy award winning soundtrack. You’ll get to hear some of your all-time favorites such as “Hey Jude” and “Drive my Car” along with a more somber rendition of “While my Guitar Gently Weeps” set to a string arrangement composed by Sir George Martin.

Why See LOVE?

You may think that you’ve heard every Beatles song and seen all of the Beatles interpretations before, but unless you’ve seen LOVE, you’d be wrong. This is an entirely different take on a band that has defied the degrading aspects of time and remains a classic staple even to this day. The visual performance enough is alone to keep you entranced, but the music by the Beatles so skillfully arranged is what helps to bring it all to a warm and loving home square in the center of your heart.

Fun Facts

Sir George Martin who helped to remix the LOVE soundtrack was also a producer that worked with the Beatles in the 60’s.

The LOVE soundtrack is Grammy-award-winning.

The cast of the show includes 60 different dancers.

The theater that this show is hosted in, The Mirage, is host to a wide array of technical equipment, all of which is put into use in making this such a fantastic show, including video projections 100 feet tall and three hundred and sixty degree seating.

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