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Viva Elvis



Viva Elvis brings the King right back home where he belongs, in beautiful Las Vegas. Cirque Du Soleil has partnered with Elvis Presley Enterprises in order to help bring another side of Elvis to Las Vegas audiences through their typical death defying jaw dropping acrobatic fare all taking place at the Aria Resort & Casino in City Center. Viva Elvis utilizes a wide variety of specially choreographed dances, stage props, and trademark acrobatic feats all in tune to the live band playing Elvis’ greatest hits to help rejuvenate Vegas with the King’s musical stylings in a wholly different way that has ever been done before. Truly a long time in the making, this show takes into account over 3000 hours of footage, album and film material, to help put together the end result that is Viva Elvis!

Musical Act

Using some songs as only accompaniment to acrobatics, and taking others very literally to transform the stage and narrative, Viva Elvis features performances set to the music of Elvis, and whole scenes based directly off of the content of many of his songs, including a jailhouse rock scene where inmates dance and attempt escape all in time with the live band. Some rush around in the air while others prefer to stand on solid ground when dancing, coming together to make one of the most festive and subject-appropriate performances that the city of Las Vegas can offer. Trampoline specialists will happily vault from one trampoline to the next, flipping into and jettisoning themselves off of walls to propel them back to one of the seven giant trampolines that will be set up onstage. Among the pyrotechnics, aerial acrobatics, and stacked chair handstands, the music of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll is ever-present making it one of the most well-put-together tributes that the city of Las Vegas will ever see.

Why See Viva Elvis?

You’re never too old to enjoy Elvis (never too young either) and this show will allow you to rekindle or newly ignite that love for Elvis that so many others have experienced in a totally different way. The songs used in the performance have been remastered and edited in such a way as to make for one of the most authentic performances of the original Elvis’ songs possible. This act will not only treat you to his awesome music, but also to his history from boot camp to pop stardom and eventually his hugely successful run in Vegas all through the acrobatic performances of the Cirque Du Soleil.

Fun Facts

  • This show was created after going through 3,000 hours of video footage and 17,000 different song samples to get everything just right.
  • The fabric making up the American flag in the Return to Sender sequence is really made out of boxer shorts and long underwear and features only 48 stars which are how many stars the flag had when Elvis served in 1958.
  • Las Vegas is also home to a lounge based on the show and Elvis himself known as the Gold boutique and lounge.
  • The superheroes featured in the trampoline act were based off of the marvel comic superheroes that so excited Elvis when he was in his childhood. 
  • The wedding cake used in one iconic scene is a scale model of the real cake that was made for the real wedding of Elvis and Priscilla.


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