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Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil

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Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil


Quick Overview

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Zumanity is not a show for the kids, but it’s certainly a perfect show to treat a loved one to. Featuring the Cirque Du Soleil’s trademark acrobatics and amazing aerial displays all with a tinge of humor and sexuality involved, it is sure to be a show that will make you want to snuggle just a little closer to your significant other when you decide to go to bed. This troupe is not particularly known for overt displays of sexuality, at least not in their other works, but this show will redefine the Cirque for you whenever you go to another Cirque Du Soleil led show. This performance acts as a celebration of all that is human, while displaying a message that sexual urges are something to be embraced as long as you handle them responsibly. A show that is many times sensual, and sometimes even erotic, Zumanity is sure to be the most provocative part of any night spent out in the theater.

The Acts

The acts in Zumanity feature the same rich displays of acrobatic ability that any Vegas show veteran will have become accustomed to at this point, along with a sensual twist. You’ll see plenty of erotic dances from African and Spanish styles just to name a couple, often taking place in provocative clothing, sometimes with no clothing at all. There are two female contortionists who intertwine their bodies all within an enormous bowl of water, finishing the performance by landing in a handstand on the very rim of the bowl. You can also expect to see aerial acrobats whizzing through hula hoops strategically placed in midair dressed in nothing more than a sexy schoolgirl outfit. But this is only a small sample of what will come in Zumanity, the most erotic and humorous show that the Cirque Du Soleil has ever put on.

Why See Zumanity?

Zumanity is probably one of the only professional shows you’ll ever see that features a live band dressed in nothing but tight leather outfits. Also, while the Cirque Du Soleil is typically known for putting on amazing performances based on the quality of their stunts, in this particular show it really allows the individual performer to truly attract attention on their own and really put them at center stage. Zumanity bravely tackles the taboo subject of adult human sexuality in a very open show that is sure to have audiences on their feet laughing and clapping by the end of it and even with jaws on the floor at times. It is acts such as the two Botero sisters, a couple of women five feet tall and weighing in at 200 lbs each, squeezing into tight outfits and hand-feeding strawberries to the audience that has made such a name for Zumanity, don’t let yourself be caught without a seat.

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